Consulting Services

These are the primary services that I provide. 

Services are always customized to the needs of the client.

Program Development

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Leadership Development

Group Discussion

I have over 25 years of management and leadership experience that guide my coaching.  I have both business acumen in the behavioral health industry, as well as knowledge of many of the seminal business models, including applying content from Situational Leadership, The Fifth Discipline, 8th Habit, Good to Great, and other literature.  I have strong facilitation skills and have repeatedly gotten positive feedback from leadership retreats.

I can provide customized leadership training, individual or group coaching, and management consulting in a range of areas.

I have designed, funded, launched, and restructured numerous programs.  I have expertise with the following areas:

  • Publicly funded programs, of all service types - Residential Treatment, Wraparound, Outpatient MH, Substance Use Treatment, and many others.

  • Commercial health insurance-funded program design;

  • Publicly funded RFPs;

  • Privately funded grants;

  • Best Practice and EBPs;

  • Quality Improvement systems that minimize Medi-Cal audit risk.

Clinical Training

Speaker in front of a Crowd

I have a deep passion for training.  I can develop training workshops on a wide variety of areas.  Here are a few of the half day and day long workshops that I have provided many times, always with rave reviews:

  1. Complex Trauma

  2. Family Engagement

  3. Family Therapy

  4. Substance Use and Addiction

  5. Strength-based Services

  6. Wraparound Principles

  7. Clinical Supervision

Business Development

Market Analysis

My experience running programs and agencies has provided me with business insights into funding and program sustainability.  I can leverage my knowledge to provide the following business development services:

1.  Government Funding Expansion

2.  Commercial Health Insurance

     Revenue Generation

3.  Market Analysis

4.  Strategic Planning

5.  Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence​

6.  Electronic Health Record selection

6.  Financial Modelling